Maintain Fit

Maintain fixes to all existing software periodically & stay updated with all the newly released features


Rest Assured

Software is always running on top form by obtaining all updates & upgrades



Stay tuned up to all the latest fixes, upgrades, features via online & effortlessly


Upkeep & Maximize

Smart Cover is about renewing your software license upgrade; to assure it is running at top form consistently. By doing so, system usage is maximized, snags resolved soonest, business enjoy higher return on software investment & low risk of lost productivity.


Working like a yearly subscription plan, the fee is set low. It is a high yield, lost cost assutance plan so that your software investment is protected for years to come.


Because Smart makes the software, along with its many applications, Smart products are truly integrated systems. And only Smart Cover products give you one-stop service and support from Smart experts for fast & total issues resolutions.

Smart Cover

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