TOM-M5 is more than a touchmonitor. Designed specifically for touch applications, TOM-M5 sits on a sturdy base and is sealed against spills. It allows additional devices to be integrated neatly, without extra cables or power supplies. Add-on devices are magnetic card reader, barcode slot reader, fingerprint reader, and rear customer display. With its built-in 4 USB ports, you can now easily connect keyboard, barcode scanner, and printer to TOM-M5, instead of reaching under or behind the counter for the PC ports.

Ideal for point-of-sales, kiosks, industrial control, gaming, healthcare. With its multiple benefits and competitive prices, TOM-M5 gives you more value than other touchmonitors.


- Sturdy base and spill resistant.
- Integrated magnetic stripe reader (MSR), fingerprint reader, and customer display.
- Built-in USB hub to provide 4 extra USB ports for easy connection to your keyboard, barcode scanner, printer.

* Picture includes optional MSR

Pioneer POS TOM-M5 15" Touch Monitor

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