IRS Multi-Store is a program that permits branches to send their transactions (sales, customers, inventory, vendor data & etc) to Head Office for consolidation. 

Benefit of using IRS Multi-Store
- All branches's data will be transmitted to head office every minute for consolidate. (it mean user can view almost real time report for all branches.)
- Stock Creation Permits Head Office centralized stock Creation and barcodes. (it mean stock information can be duplicated to another shops.)
- Promotion Permits Head Office to maintain the Promotion Centrally and duplicate it to another shop.
- Stock Lookup allow Head Office / Branches to view every shops stock on hand and the stock need to be ordered.
- Customer particulars can be duplicated to another shops. (it means customer's particulars is identical.)
- Vendor particulars can be duplicated to another shops. (it means vendor's particulars is identical.
- Stock Transfer: Head office & branches able to transfer stock to others branches.

IRS Multi-Store System

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