Genius Pos - Malaysia Restaurant Ipad Pos System
Powerful and efficient mobile POS in the hands of staff. It enables you to effectively manage your restaurant with employee management features, customized reporting, and live sales figures.

Equip your servers with mobile terminal, enable them to take order efficiently. Reduce time-consuming process of handwriting an order and re-keying them at ordering terminal. With mobile terminal, orders can be taken and sent to the kitchen immediately, increasing the speed of your service.
Mobile terminal constantly retrieve information from primary screen. With a "mini POS" in their pocket, server could reduce their dependency on the primary screen. Let alone the cashier to focus on handling payments. Mobile terminal works on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. 

Package Included :
- Thermal Receipt Printer
- Cash Drawer
- iPad Stand360
- Router
- Setup, Menu Configuration, Training & Support
- Not included iPad

GeniusPOS GST FnB Business Solutions

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