The TA300 can be described as a definition of “mobility”, as it is not only wireless in nature, it is also portable. The long lasting battery option leaves you with less worries about power supply - simply let it run on battery power for mobility, or plug in the power cable for a longer duration of use. The TA300 was designed especially for small to medium sized businesses. From the minute it comes out of the box, you’ll find it simple to use as it requires no installation, no power supply, and no cables of any sort. Communication with this device is done purely through the simple use of a USB connector . This device can be placed on any flat surface, making it suitable for businesses such as tuition centers, training centers, travel agencies and so on. Overall, the TA300 is your FingerTec solution if you are looking for mobility and reliability.

FingerTec TA300 FingerPrint Reader

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