Powerful Features
Able to Set Individual Employee Working Calendar
Able to Customizable Over Time Calculation Formula
Able to Calculate Employee & Employer EPF & SOCSO Contribution (Auto Calculate)
Monthly PCB Deduction for Income Tax (Auto Calculate)
Basic Pay, Gross Pay & Net Pay for Each Employee can be Print out in detail
Mode of Payment Allowed 1st Half, 2nd Half & Advance Payment
Able Control Advance Payment by Percentages & Times
Yearly Bonus
Separate Commission Payment
Able to maintain difference Department, Job, Branch, Supervisor by Table
Able to use quick entry option to update monthly entries
Able to edit or modify Pay slip & E.A. Form

Print Out Reports
Employee Personal Listing
Employee Code Setting Listing
Joined & Resigned Employee Report
Employee to be Confirm Listing
Work Force Analysis Report
Salary Analysis
Birthday Listing
Year of Service Listing
Employee Age Listing
Print & Modify Pay Slip
Leave Entitlement Taken
Pay Slip Listing
Bank Listing
Denominations Listin

E.M.A.S. Payroll Solutions

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