Pradotec BCR200DTP Biometric Smart Card Reader
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BCR200DTP is compactly built for quick, easy and convenient reading and/or writing of contact cards. To facilitate increased security and privacy protection during enrolment, identification and authentication processess, this biometric smart card reader is loaded with slots for contact card and Secure Access Module (SAM), and a high-resolution optical fingerprint scanner which captures fingerprint images clearly without being hindered by the physical condition of fingers.

Modern, User Friendly & Ergonomic
BCR200DTP is an advanced biometric smart card reader that is id eal for identity verification and authentication. Its modern design structure en ables the end user to experience easy and ergonomic operation. The BCR200DTP is also featured with a high performance biometri c scanner that has the capabilities to support One-to-one or One-to-many match ver ification templates.


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