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DynaMod gives you streamline order processing & billings so you can get products to customer faster.
Auto actions for high order volume - Orders from all channels are processed automatically within minutes. Quicken fulfillment & get paid right away.
Track at a glance - Clear order status, new in, outstanding, cancel, refund invoices. Streamlined and manage under one hub.
Upkeep orders within clicks - Edit orders, create bills easily within one same platform anytime anywhere.
Always right - Eliminate order missing, price, stock errors with less problem handling.
DynaMod gives you full control over your inventory with no need for third-party software.
Auto sync inventory - Whenever an order is processed, stock will be auto deducted.
Track at a glance - For each SKU, you know exactly how many you have on hand, and restock across multiple channels.
Update with a few clicks - Change stock levels & prices individually, or by batches. Easily allocate to multiple channels.
Stay informed - Set low stock notifications and be notified, no more stock-outs or overstocking.
Full Visibility - Real time stock control for both online and offline as your business grows.
Choose Your Plan